PornstarPlatinium – Alura Jenson – Fuck Me In The Dungeon

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Thanks buddy I really appreciated our date & I had a great time & maybe we can talk again some other time. Whats that, weird hobbies? My date decided to tell me he had some hobbies, like being into dungeons, card games & things of that nature. His profile didnt say anything about that. And honestly he is kind of a square, the most boring nerd to ever walk the planet actually, I thought he would have been a bit more wild! Then he decided to tell me, that I really didnt fully understand all the things he was into beside his miniatures, figurines & statuettes. Then he went on to tell me more, like, that he had a actual dungeon. So I agreed to see his so called dungeon, on my way out to my car OMG he really has a fucking dungeon, chains hooked to the ceiling, other BDSM goodies & holy shit even a devils outfit! Im all in, its time to have sex with my hero, the crazy motherfucker he is! I didnt even get your name? Colby Jansen, ok then!